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Micah. Located in Portland. Originating from Memphis.
---This used to be a blog dedicated to men's hair, which is why there are hair product reviews, however, I have taken an indefinite hiatus---
Horror. Wrestling. Music.


Us as a people, we can’t do it on our own.

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Whenever I’m alone with you, you make me feel like I am fun again.

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Religion: WWE  ROH
Sexual Orientation: WWE  ROH
Political Views: WWE  ROH
Relationship Status: WWE  ROH

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keep me clean
keep me longing
keep me quite company wear me out

"Your wick won’t burn away."

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Beauty holds a place for you, in my head


"It works out, it calms me down, I’m glad I know you."

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this song defined a generation 

I’m a hex girl, and I’m gunna put a spell on you”

scooby doo is the best thing ever honestly

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I strongly encourage all of you to wear whatever the hell is going to make you feel good about yourself 

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My face feat. some shaving cuts on my lip.

My face feat. some shaving cuts on my lip.

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